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How to avoid wasting food at home – 5 tips to start

Evita desperdiciar comida
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Wasting anything seems foolish to me, however, wasting food is just awful. A few posts ago I wrote about a few things to keep in mind to avoid wasting food when eating out, today I write about how to do it from home.

Wasting food = wasting money

Wasting food nowadays is a bad joke of the society we live in. We know there are people in the world that are hungry, that there is a lot of poverty and inequality, we even know that no matter where you live in the world there is probably someone that doesn’t have enough money to eat, and even so we take our money and put it in the trash. Don’t kid yourself, wasting food is the same as wasting money.

It is not only responsibility of governments and companies

Yes, is true, governments and the large supermarket companies play a big part. And even though we’ve invented all the rules to know when is best and safe to consume a product, sometimes we lack a bit in common sense.

But, there are little things that we can change from home. We can avoid to be part of the problem and stop this nonsense of wasting such a ridiculous amount of food.

1. Organisation is key in order to avoid wasting food

Before you do the grocery shopping look in your kitchen, check what and how much you have of the food you usually eat. There is something funny that happened to me the last couple of times I went to do the farmers market without looking in my kitchen, I bought loads of carrots, almost as if I were a bunny.

Evita desperdiciar

These are the last carrots I have left after I got carried away and bought like a dozen of them. Still fresh, two weeks later, cause I kept them in water 🙂

Pro tip: First in, first out. Move everything that you bought last time upfront, so you consume in the same order that you bought it. 

2. Avoid buying something just because is on sale, unless you know for sure you are going to use it

It is very irresponsible on our part to get carried away and buy food just because it’s cheaper when you don’t know if you’ll use it.

3. When you go shopping try to remember that wisdom we bring to this world as human beings

Birds, squirrels and the rest of the animals don’t decide whether they can eat something or not just because of the expiration date, or even just because it has a specific colour and shape that’s the one accepted by experts. We have our senses for something, use them. It’s not logical to waste a fruit or a veggie just because they don’t have a perfect aesthetic, let’s look beyond appearances, you’ll be surprised how yummy that apple with a particular shape can taste.

No desperdiciar esta manzana

You wouldn’t believe how yummy these apples tasted! And yes I chose them because of their funny noses!

4. When you see that your veggies/fruits are about to go bad, look for a recipe to use them just the way they are

A little secret: Brown and spotted bananas are the best to make a sweet cake.

5. Learn to preserve food

There are fruits that are better not mix with others, so they can last longer. Herbs can be preserved in different ways. I learned that to keep carrots fresh for a long time is a good idea to put them inside a container with water, inside the fridge, and if possible in a vertical position.

My beautiful coriander after one week or so, I keep my herbs fresh for as long as possible!


To avoid wasting food sometimes you need perspective

Moving to London when in my country there are loads of people that are having a hard time to have food on their tables makes me wonder if every nation has to live through difficult circumstances in order to understand the importance of avoiding wasting resources. It seems that some people on this side of the world are waking up and trying to create awareness in others, like when I went to the pop-up restaurant that created delicious meals with surplus food from a wide range of suppliers. There are also people that do a lot of “dumpster diving” which is basically trying to avoid that food that’s still good go to landfill, and in many cases, they do this to give it to people that don’t have the resources to eat.

Change, as always, starts with ourselves

I would say that we can start by being conscious from home, so we can create awareness in those that surround us and avoid wasting food. Like I always tell you, read, investigate, there is no excuse nowadays with the internet at hand. But, if you have a grandma or a mum who loves to cook, ask them how you can preserve food or what recipes they have to use that veggie/fruit that is about to go bad. Get creative!

“Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world” –  Norman Borlaug

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  • Reply
    17th May 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Me ha encantado
    Compramos mucho más de lo que necesitamos y esto hace que desperdiciar los alimentos sea más frecuente. Además has dicho algo muy importante, no dejarnos llevar por las ofertas, no sólo porque puede ser que no lo comamos si no porque estamos comiendo demás, estamos comiendo más de lo que necesitamos simplemente porque estaba barato y esto tampoco considero que sea muy correcto. El pan, la fruta y la verduras son los alimentos que más se desperdician en el mundo. Nosotros si se nos ha puedo duro el pan, hacemos tostadas o pan rallado y así nos dura meses.
    ¡Gracias por el post!

    • Reply
      29th May 2017 at 7:44 pm

      Como siempre Yure Gracias por leerme! 🙂 Y si es así es fácil dejarse llevar por las ofertas, honestamente cuanto me gustaría que los supermercados ofertaran las frutas y vegetales no perfectos para invitar a más gente a que probara el sabor de ellos y así también disminuiríamos la cantidad de comida que se desperdicia en esa parte de la cadena alimenticia. Pero por lo pronto la cosa es consciencia desde casa! 🙂

  • Reply
    Gina Caro - Gypsy Soul
    24th May 2017 at 10:49 am

    You’ve mentioned some great tips there. We only ever buy what we need and will use. I think a lot of families though get seduced by all of the deals or offers and end up buying far more than they need.
    I use my freezer a lot to avoid food waste 🙂

    • Reply
      29th May 2017 at 7:41 pm

      I love the idea of using your freezer to avoid food waste, but my husband always prefers freshly cook food so I tend to buy less and use up what I have before going to the grocery shop. I guess is a matter of finding what works best for every household 🙂 Thank you for reading me!

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