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Here I share a little bit about me, my name is Romina, I studied Geochemistry, I love writing, reading, nature and free thinking. I write this blog because I would like to put my two cents in this planet and share information about how to reconnect with our environment in a more conscious and sustainable way. Nowadays is hard to think that in this 2.0 world there is something to say that it hasn’t been said before about how can we “save the planet”, in true is that throughout these posts I’ll try (hoping to be successful) explaining in the simplest way how can we love our planet in each trivial and mundane thing we do in our daily activities.

I believe there are many ways of helping the human race to prevail in this space in a healthier way, the important thing is to respect each others opinions and not to force ideas, because if time has showed us something is that if you want to be right and the other one too then we are not learning anything. That is why the basic idea is to listen to each others, let’s keep an open mind and remember that everything I say here is totally open for discussion, and good ideas can come from you too.

In my humble experience I say the following, is true there is loads of information out there and there are many alternatives, but is not reaching everyone, and especially is not easy for individuals who are not experts in the subject, to choose something that can be more sustainable.

It is also important to say that in the actual society we are living, is not impossible, but its certainly a gruelling task isolate ourselves from everything and be 100% “green”, but we can get close to being it. It doesn’t matter where we start, in fact it doesn’t matter if we decide that there are things that we can adjust and others we are not willing to give up (even if these things are healthier for the planet and for us). What is important is that if you are reading this is because you want to do something, and for as little as it may seem, it makes the difference. Welcome 🙂

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. Dalai Lama

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