5 ways on how to reduce food waste and save money when you eat in a restaurant

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Many of you may imagine that restaurants waste a lot of food, but can you guess why? Certainly not because they want to, and the majority of the time is not their responsibility at least for most of the food that they throw away. Actually, they try to reduce costs because they buy what they need, and they try to use everything they have before the expiration date.

So how is it that they still throw food, and how to reduce waste and save money when you eat in a restaurant?

1. Make your order consciously, making sure you’ll eat everything

I’m sure many times you’ve been in a restaurant where everything looks yummy, but let’s face it you know what you and your children are capable of eating, I address a little bit to families here because I see so much food going to the trash in daily, that was bought for a child and ends up untouched. If you are hesitating, order one dish first and then the other, this is a good way of saving money and reducing waste at the same time. We have to be conscious. Share a dish with your children/friends/partner. And if you still order too much, you can always ask a take away bag or better yet always have an empty container at hand if you know this is a recurrent situation for you.

2. Listen to the person that is asking for your order, when they repeat it to you or when they ask you

You might not know this but, they don’t ask you again because they enjoy watching you get upset, they don’t want to intrude on your conversation or make you waste your time. They want to get it right, because if they don’t you’ll probably send back your food, saying that you didn’t order that. And even though you may think that they can give this food to someone else or that the staff can eat it, chancesare that this happens in a busy day several times, being nearly impossible that staff has the time to eat it, and how much can a person eat after all. It’ll just take a few seconds to get your order properly and you’ll save food and delays because you won’t have to wait for your food twice.

3. Eating in the restaurant and enjoying your recently made food

 Take away food is always an option, especially like I previously said when you have leftovers, but wouldn’t you prefer to have a moment to enjoy your food that just came out of the kitchen. Take a moment to relax, after all eating is a pleasure, enjoy the dish while is hot and tasty, besides you’ll be reducing all that plastic/paper/etc that comes along with the takeaway.

4. Choose healthy food/drinks in healthy packages

Healthy food is always better, for you and the planet, when you take care of yourself you also take care of the planet. But let’s remember the package, choose glass over plastic and paper over tetra pack, cans are also good choice because is easy to recycle, though the things that come in cans generally has lots of preservatives that are not too healthy for you. Anything you choose that is nearly 100 % recyclable will always be better, besides things that are fresh tend to come in those packages (or like fruits and veggies without package). Remember to put it in a recycling bin afterwards, or you can reuse it.

5. If they get it wrong, think about giving it a try before you send it back

Unless you are allergic or is a food you are sure it won’t agree with you, give it a try, you might be surprise with a nice treat. I remember one time me and my husband ordered a chocolate dessert that looked amazing, they ended up giving us a pistachio instead. Since we don’t like to return food because we know is a waste, we adventure ourselves to try it, it was better than we thought it would be, then other day we tried the chocolate and we were happy about the mixed up they had that time. After that every now and then we treat ourselves with a pistachio dessert from the same place. So don’t send it back, best case scenario someone will eat it, but most of the time they’ll throw it away.

Let’s end up with a reflexion, if you have enough money to eat in a restaurant or even if you have food every day, consider yourself one of the lucky ones, moreover be grateful and appreciate that fact by being wide awake in every action you take.

If you know of any other tips to save money and reduce waste please let me know in the comments, and make sure you share with that friend that is always asking for more than he or she can eat 🙂

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. Mother Teresa

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