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Happy New Year 2017! Now that we are on the second week of January, I finally feel I can sit down and evaluate my goals and intentions for the year ahead of me.

My main purpose is to be kinder to myself and more flexible. I have noticed that if I become too rigid with my plans I end up not completing them or I just get very frustrated with myself and unhappy.

It is possible that you feel the same way, and that’s why I invite you to take one day at a time. Forget about labelling yourself, just do what you consider humanly possible until at one point you can get that which seems “impossible”.

These are some of my challenges, intentions, goals, and/or learning paths I’ll be taking on this year:

 1. Eating my veggies and fruits, meaning, having a plant based diet

As part of this, I started (like two or three days late) the Veganuary challenge, which is basically avoiding all food originated from animals. The website of this ONG is quite informative, explains in detail what is the challenge about, how to nourish yourself, recipes, etc. I’m not doing this because everybody is doing it or because I want to lose some pounds (although it wouldn’t hurt!). I am doing it because I think I should be truthful to my values, and part of having a more sustainable lifestyle is asking myself what is the impact my diet has in the world. To summarise I would say that I’m doing it for health and environmental reasons, I will write a post with my thoughts on this.  

My intention is that at least 80% of my diet is plant based. I’ll let you know how it goes.

2. Reduce the plastic in my life

In 2016 I made little steps towards this direction, I’ve changed some habits I’ve never thought I could change. I’ve found products, companies and entrepreneurs that offer alternatives to reduce the amount of plastic in the world.

My intention is to be a conscious consumer, I aim to have a ZeroWaste mindset, buying in bulk and in the farmers market.

3. Supporting companies with a sustainable ethos

It may sound too altruistic on my behalf but, is really not. Last year was a very educative year for me, I realised that sustainability is so much more than just the environment. Knowing that the fact that I buy a piece of clothing from a mainstream renowned fashion company has an impact on the kind of life the person that made the clothe will have, and that I am also responsible for that, makes me see everything with a different perspective.

My intention is to support companies that respect the environment and people, that are fair, and I want to inspire others to think about this, to support these kinds of business.

4. Aim to a minimalist life

I love to travel, and everybody knows that in order to do so is easier if your luggage is lighter. The more things we have the more we worry about these things. When I left my country I left two suitcases with lots of things for when I came back I could have my stuff there waiting for me. It has been nearly three years since I left, and I cannot remember exactly what is the content of those suitcases. We don’t need anything we think we need, there is no point in accumulating stuff.

I want to have in my house things that bring value to my life, I don’t want to have things just to have them. To be honest I rather spent my money in LIVING.

I think more than goals, I have lots of intentions for this 2017, almost all of them related to the four I mentioned in this post.

At the beginning of 2016, I didn’t know how to draw my year. I had some plans, but mainly I was confused. This allowed me to explore a world of infinite possibilities. I hope 2017 will show me a bit more of those possibilities and allows me to live a more honest life with myself.

We are meant to live, explore and experiment life. If in your heart you have the intention to be kind to yourself and everyone else, then do it from where you are and how you can. There are so many things to do, and everything adds up. Your two cents counts.

“The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted”. Aesop


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    11th January 2017 at 9:51 pm

    Son buenas propuestas para este año ^^ Seguro que lo consigues. Algunas de mis metas son retantes y otras creo que fáciles de conseguir. Cuando termine el año haré recuento.

    1. Reducir mi consumo de agua
    2. Hacer un documental sobre residuos
    3. Dejar de usar el ascensor
    4. Encontrar productos de maquillaje con ingredientes naturales y envases retornables o reutilizables.
    5. No usar servilletas de papel en restaurantes
    6. Plantar un mini huerto
    7. Ser más inspiradora para que otros se sumen a reducir sus residuos
    8. Por último, seguir manteniendo los hábitos que hasta ahora he conseguido

    Hablo más sobre mis propósitos aquí, por si les quieres echar un vistazo también!


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      13th January 2017 at 9:02 am

      Gracias Cristina por tu comentario! Ya me pase por tu blog, esta genial y me encantan tus propósitos de este año! Espero ambas podamos conseguir esto y más, pero por sobre todas las cosas aprender a ser más consciente y ayudar a otros a estar atentos a el impacto que tienen sus actividades diarias 🙂

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