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    My life is an emotional rollercoaster, and that’s why I keep saying I am coming back to write on the blog and then I don’t really do it…

    I warn you dear reader that this post is personal, so if you don’t want to know anything about my life and you are only interested in sustainability, prepare to be a bit disappointed. Truth be told the reasons why I decided to write again, like I said on my previous post, are related to my ups and downs in this pathway towards sustainability. My mistakes and successes. The joys and sadness I get from seeing how the state of the world is and the responsibility I have in all this mess.

    My emotions and sustainability

    I don’t know if it happens to you, but I always question every single one of the things I learn and every new behaviour I adopt to make this a better world. Thus, sometimes I adopt a habit and I start thinking on the impact this new and supposedly “better” behaviour has over the whole world. And let me tell you it is a bit stressful and it gives me a lot of anxiety to keep thinking like that. When reading an article of the reasons why people decide to adopt pro-environmental behaviours, I found that apparently people that worry too much about the environment tend to be overly concern about everything in their life. I felt that it was truly describing how I am.

    Many times I eat my emotions

    If I am sad I transform into this completely selfish person that doesn’t care about the environment and the world. I eat any chocolate, sweet or any unsustainable food that comes across. I forget to think if it comes in a plastic packaging, if is local or seasonal. And it also happens to me that if I am extenuated I allow myself more space to be more flexible with my habits. Those who know me know that food for me is one of the most important things in my life, and even though my diet has been changing for the better in the last few years (less process food, more plants, less animal-based food), my emotions can crush any sensible thought.

    ‘Preparation is key’ they say…

    And this is really true, specially with sustainability. Because I think not having enough time is the reason why our lifestyle has become so unsustainable. We choose things for convenience. And I don’t know about you, but even if I prepare a lot, I do not know how to add my emotions into my planning.

    How to avoid my emotions sabotage my commitment with the environment

    How can we take care of the environment if we are emotionally unstable? Well, I think that is when we have to help ourselves first before we help everyone else. It is important to find time to do exercise, to spend time with friends, to draw, meditate or do whatever it makes you feel better. Without that emotional stability it is difficult and nonsensical to move towards a sustainable lifestyle. Because it can turn into another factor that generates anxiety, stress, and in many occasions depression because we are not being responsible with the environment.

    My advice

    Find your balance. Humankind is in a crossroads; we either change our lifestyle or we prepare for all the environmental issues that are a result of our unsustainable behaviours. However, we have to take care of our mental health, otherwise we end up worrying too much and not really doing anything, which can lead to unsustainable behaviours. There are a couple of things I do to take care of my mental health: yoga, drawing, spending time with my love ones and getting out to natural spaces to connect with nature.

    What do you do to maintain that balance?

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