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    Commitments with myself 2019 | Taking care of myself and evaluate my sustainable habits

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    Resolutions Commitments with myself 2019

    A few weeks have gone by since 2019 began. A lot of people made some New Years resolutions. Instead, I decided to make to commitments with myself: 1. Take better care of myself and 2. Be honest with myself in regards to my sustainable habits. Although these two commitments look simple, they are not. I have realised that establishing goals for myself because I think they might lead me in the right direction (which seems like I’m looking to fulfil external expectations), has only resulted in me forgetting the importance of making real commitments with myself.

    Mental Health

    Truth be told this past year I have been mentally isolated. Every time that something bad happens in the world, my country, with my family, I just want to wrap myself in a little blanket and watch Netflix like a zombie. Last year I did this so many times that I ended up feeling really sad. Of course, people didn’t realise I was going through something. I always brushed these feelings off by saying “everything is fine” when actually this was not the case. I didn’t have any commitment with myself to be mentally healthy.

    Physical Health

    Also, my way of eating was awful, eating at all hours, without putting any intention into what I was eating. I rarely did exercise to take care of my body, I only did yoga when I felt really overwhelmed. Obviously, this had an effect on my sustainable habits, because I was not clear on what I was doing. I didn’t have any sense of (internal) direction.

    Feeling guilty for wanting to live better

    Knowing that other people are in a more difficult situation than mine makes me feel guilty. When I see people are living on the street, or when I know my family is going through a very rough time, I feel like instead of taking care of myself I should be doing something for them. This makes me feel overwhelmed because I still don’t have a stable life, hence, I end up not doing anything for them or for myself. This feeling of guilt, of not wanting to make my dreams and commitment with myself a reality because they feel like empty desires when others don’t have enough to eat or a place to live it has taken me nowhere.

    Time to fulfil my commitments

    Since January started this year I decided to incorporate some changes. Not because it was January 2019, but because I just finished an academic stage in my life. It was time to think about my action plan, now that I was no longer busy with essays and dissertation. To do this I made a very simple plan to fulfil my commitments:

    1. Take better care of myself

    A. Plan ahead my menu for the week:

    In this way I make sure to check what I have at home, what I buy, why do I buy it, where do I buy it and how much I spend.

    B. Yoga every day:

    This is one of the exercises that makes my mind calm down and stretches my muscles. I have been following a Youtube channel (Yoga with Adrienne) that I love. *At the moment of writing this, I have been doing yoga for 31 days in a row now”

    C. Define my ideal day:

    If life is now and we don’t know when it is time to leave this planet, it is good to know what an ideal day would be for me. Defining this helps me incorporate behaviours that I want to turn into habits. Amongst other things, I would like to eat in an organised way (set times) because I know it makes me feel better. Do at least 20min of exercise every day. Read before bedtime. Call my Mum/Sister or a family member/friend. Spend quality time with my husband.

    D. Write in my journal:

    I have been writing in journals since I was little. It is something that helps me reflect on my life, and process all those feelings that overwhelm me. In the last couple of years, I have not done this as much. My beautiful husband, knowing this, gifted me a small notebook with blank pages. There I draw, reflect and write about my plans for the day (it is my bullet journal).

    2. Be honest with myself in regards to my sustainable habits

    Sustainability is a very complex subject, and I am a very sensitive person to everything that happens around me, I worry about everything. But, my commitment this year is to ask myself: What is my position about certain issues? And Why do I have that position? What are the subjects that I find interesting? How much do I know about those subjects, and why I don’t feel particularly interested about the others? What can I do about these problems? What am I doing now? Why is it that my thoughts and actions are many times in contradiction? What is the interconnection between all these issues? None of these questions has a simple answer, that is why I would like to explore this in future posts.

    But, I can begin by sharing some of the things I would like to check with myself:

            *Without plastic, which is not the same as buying without producing waste

             *Reducing waste


    • Intersectional Feminism
    • Buying sustainable clothes (second hand or from sustainable and ethical brands)
    • Environmental and social activism

    The aim of this blog

    After my lasts posts, I think I finally understood what I want to do with this blog. I enjoy giving tips about how to live a sustainable life. However, I think that my “blogging style” is more like an extension of my diary. It is a space where I put what I do, what I read, what I think and how this helps me have a conscious life here and now.  

    We need to think deeply in our behaviours and make changes now.

    The planet is asking this, we still have the chance to counter everything we’ve done wrong, but we have to work for it now! If you have taken some commitments with yourself this 2019 tell me what are they and how are they going? And if you are evaluating your positions in relation to certain sustainability issues share this in the comments below. Sending you good vibes!

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